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David Muller helps troublemakers execute branding & design projects that are vital to the success of their business.

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"David did excellent work on my author brand. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to create or update their brand."


Objective - branding and website to support Book Launch

Work - brand strategy & discovery, logo, website

"It was a true pleasure working with David. Not only did he help develop a great website and logo, he also helped me to understand my business better, which is a great gift."


Objective - communicate quality & capability of the business to build trust with ideal clients

Work - brand strategy & discovery, logo, website

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Hi, this is David - nice to meet ya!

I'm a designer who strongly believes that the economy of the future belongs to mission driven businesses. Consequently I work with entrepreneurs and other visionary troublemakers to consistently communicate mission, quality, and capability of their operation through all of their visual assets.

As entrepreneur and co-founder I understand the challenges of growing businesses, so I meet my clients where they are to provide the support that makes sense for the project and company to be successful.

As a predictable resource I make my clients  life exponentially easier, because they can make fast moves as a business without having to worry about the quality and speed of the project execution.

“David provides consistently high quality output while staying calm and being a pleasure to work with!” - my clients words, so it must be true :)

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Q: Hey David, I need help with a project but it requires the designer to understand some fundamentals about how my business functions.

Sounds like my favorite kind of project! As co-founder of two startups, one thing my clients appreciate about me is my passion for entrepreneurship and the business side of things. I’d love to know more about what makes your business tick.

Q: Designers usually want to do what’s fun and they don’t want to do what’s necessary. So while I’m paying someone, my workload goes up as well because I need to make sure the final product is delivered without mistakes.

My clients keep working with me, because I help them to be successful. That means that I go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality of work, so that the result meets your targets. My goal is to I make your life easier, so the work that I do is one thing that you don’t have to worry about.

Q: Ok, I’d love to hire you, but I don’t have a big budget. Is there something we can do?

Sure! For branding  and design projects to be effective, quality is more important than scope. If you want to work with me but you have a limited budget, we determine what is most important for your business right now so we can implement in stages.

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