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Hey there, I'm David.

I help businesses that prioritize PURPOSE & PROFIT equally to develop their brand, vision, and message. I also teach "Brand Fundamentals", a workshop to build purpose driven brands.

David Muller helps troublemakers execute branding & design projects that are vital to the success of their business.

David Muller helps troublemakers execute branding & design projects that are vital to the success of their business.

David Muller helps troublemakers execute branding & design projects that are vital to the success of their business.

David Muller helps troublemakers execute branding & design projects that are vital to the success of their business.

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"David's design creates clarity for the message you want to get across. This clarity comes from his effort to first fully comprehend your product before starting to think about look and feel. We love working with David!"

— Nanne Dekking, CEO Artory

PROJECT – Pitch decks, Business Plan Presentation

CLIENT – Nanne Dekking, CEO of Artory

PROJECT - Discovery, Identity, Photography, Website

CLIENT - Lee Matthew Goldberg

The problem — Artory is the first blockchain startup with the bold vision to bring more transparency to the art market. After successfully securing a strategic partnership with one of the industries leading auction houses, Artory was getting ready to raise their Series A round of financing. To show their competency to take a leadership role at the top of the market, Artory's pitch deck had to present the brand so that it positioned Artory as the obvious authority to implement their vision.

The result — Raising $7.3M, Artory exceeded their initial fundraising goal and proved it's potential to transform the art industry. Artory also partnered with the auction house Christie's who sold Edward Hopper's "Chop Suey" for a record breaking $91.9M with encrypted provenance records via the Artory registry.

Fun fact — Nanne Dekking calls himself the Debbie Downer of blockchain for his reluctancy to believe the new technology will also create new sales channels, and not "only" provide accuracy and accountability to a currently highly opaque market.


"I am in two minds about recommending David. On the one hand, I am morally obliged to — his work and work-ethic are both first rate — yet on the other we’d rather keep him to ourselves."

— Matt Watkinson, CEO Methodical

PROJECTS – Brand Presentations, Brand Content Publications, Worksheets

CLIENT – Matt Watkinson & Ben Smith, founders of Methodical

PROJECT - Discovery, Identity, Website

CLIENT - Chris Noble

The problem — Having released two highly acclaimed business strategy books, Matt and Ben of Methodical were giving presentations and workshops to top level companies (including the FBI). They wanted their visual brand assets to reflect the high value Methodical is creating for it's customers, and encourage an expectation of consistent excellence and competence for their brand.

The result — The Methodical brand is persistently growing its thought leader status in a highly competitive market. The team continues to receive top ratings and highest praise for the outstanding standart of their presentations, workshops, and publications from companies like Microsoft, American Express, Ogilvy, the FBI, Google Campus and many others.

Fun fact — The release of Methodical's publication debating the accuracy of the Net Promoter Score on social media grew the brands following by 40%. It was so well received that followers reached out personally to share that they printed the publication out to share it with their entire office.



"I now talk way more comfortably about what I do — and that really boosts my confidence as a person."

— Viki Quirk, Entrepreneur

PROJECT – Brand Fundamentals Workshop, Strategy, Identity, Website

CLIENT – Viki Quirk

PROJECT - Discovery, Identity, Photography, Website

CLIENT - Lee Matthew Goldberg

The problem — Viki had recently moved to a different state and was struggling to get her pilates, reiki, and breathwork business off the ground in the new location. With her wide range of expertise, Viki had the feeling that she was trying to run multiple businesses at once. This made it difficult for her to tell people what she offered in a conscise and impactful way.

The result — Establishing her values, vision, and mission in Brand Fundamentals  helped Viki uncover the impact she wants to have — the reason why she started her business in the first place. Through a clear mission that was rooted in her core belief system, all parts of Viki's business suddenly made sense together. With the foundation established in the workshop, we focused the strategy of her business and brought consistency to her entire communication — website, business cards, newsletter, social media, and conversations. This created momentum for her business and drew people to her site. Her website traffic increased and her conversion rates went up, way above market standards. And even though Viki raised her prices, she also increased her bookings.

Fun fact — As element of recognition for the VQ logo the "tail" of the Q is slightly elongated and bent. This detail also happens to further the resemblance of the logo towards the shape of a sitting chihuahua, Viki's dog Nate.


"(David) is an amazing guy to work with if you want to stand 100% behind your brand and vision — Don't waste time on stuff that doesn’t create real value for your business"

— Kristin Schieback, Founder Chefbook

PROJECT – Brand Fundamentals Workshop, Strategy, Identity, Website

CLIENT – Kristin Schieback, founder of Chefbook

PROJECT - Discovery, Identity, Website

CLIENT - Chris Noble

The problem — After working on her startup, Chefbook, for 6 months, Kristin wasn't sure that she was working on the right things. She wasn't making the progress she envisioned and didn't feel confident about the message that she was putting out there. 

The result — Through the workshop, Kristin excavated a greater purpose and vision for Chefbook. Getting clear on the impact that she wants to have became the north star to point her more clearly towards her niche market, brand voice, positioning, and MVP. With an exciting vision, a converting brand message, and more clarity around her core offering, we worked together to articulate her visual brand, build a prototype to prove her concept, and establish the early customer base for Chefbook.

Fun fact — Combined, the solid letters in the Chefbook logo spell "cook".



BLUE REBEL – Launching a kids denim line and growing it into a multi-million dollar brand ... during the recession

PROJECT – Brand Concept, Strategy, Design

BRAND – Blue Rebel

PROJECT - Discovery, Identity, Website

CLIENT - Chris Noble

The problem — After a series of projects I did with his company resulted in significant growth, Hans asked me if I wanted to help him create a new, denim based apparel collection for kids - from scratch. Analyzing the goals Hans had for the new brand and positioning options, we were confident that being specific and consistent in the implementation of our niche, differentiation and vision would create the necessary potential for a new brand to grow – even in a difficult market.

The result — Together we cretated a pretty grown up and rebellious brand, with a strong proposition and highly recognizable branding. Balancing business and customer goals, Blue Rebel was embraced by customers from the get-go and is continuing to grow.

Fun fact — The Blue Rebel logo and some of it's seasonal photography must have "inspired" strikingly similar designs and campaigns of some big, international brands. For us this is one of the greatest compliments :)


"I love how the messages guide me through the project."

— Allison, Client

PROJECT – Brand & Product Design

CLIENT – Projectly

PROJECT - Discovery, Identity, Website

CLIENT - Chris Noble

Working as a freelancer, I've experienced the severe impact of non-payments, scope-creep, and unresponsive project partners first hand. To be able to grow their business, freelancer need to successfully manage cash-flow, client expectations, timelines, and deliverables — and keep their client happy of course.

Because the freelance workforce is rapidly growing and marketplaces that could provide a level of security are also driving prices down and charging high fees, it is getting more and more difficult for many freelancers to build a successful business.

As a move to empower independent freelancers and clients, Jason, my technical co-founder, and I created a simple app to make it easy and safe for freelancers and clients to work together:

Projectly is a simple workflow app that uses milestones, approvals, reminders, and escrow to lightly but effectively facilitate freelance projects, manage expectations on both sides, and build a marketplace-independent reputation.

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